Website Development

Website Developement

When Should You Update Your Website?

Our website development and web design programming process utilize a universally recognized advertising agency website design standard. We also provide our SEO process which allows you to take the foundational step once your web design is completed. Our extremely talented team of graphic designers, front end, and back end developers all design our beautiful websites in the most commonly used and search engine compliant programming languages. Our client approach ensures that your website can be supported by any agency at any time. Your website is your online business card and a direct reflection of who you are. We strive to ensure that representation is exceptional. Our simple, clear, and exceptional website design process is described below.

Our Clear and Simple Website Development Process

Step One: Client Design Briefing Interview & Meeting

Our Marketing Consultant will interview the client and ask questions centered specifically around different design elements in support of learning the client’s design pallet. Additionally, we discuss important topics with collecting project assets such as written content and image or video content and ensure understanding around the scope or clients design standards. This critical step of the process will allow us to present designs in a manner that is consistent with your design requirements for your website.

Step Two: The Site Map

A website structure (hierarchy) or Site Map will be created based on the information gathered from the Client Briefing Meeting. This stage of the process will decide how many web pages the website will have and how they will be placed and structured on the website. The client may provide feedback or adjustments for the site map and then once an approval is made, we move forward to the next stage.

Step Three: The Blueprint Wireframe

The wireframe functions much like a blueprint of a house. Once presented to you, you will notice the appearance of your home page and any other page that shows variation from your home page, such as your About Us page or Services/Products Page. The wireframe will contain the approved navigation from the site map stage. You are able to provide feedback, request adjustments, and then once an approval is provided, we will move the following phase in the design process.

Step Four: The Visual Concept (A Graphic Designed Image of Your Website)

The visual concept is a graphic designed image of all of the pages that were created and approved from the Wireframe stage. Here, we will see the website image come to life. The Visual concept will show all of the pages that contain variation from the home page and will function as a direct reflection of the approved wireframe, site map, and your direct design requirements taken directly from the client briefing document. Here you will be able to visualize all of the pieces of our website design project coming together. Once you approve the final version of the visual concept, your website design moves into one of the final stages.

Step Five: The Mock Up

The Mock Up of your website is the stage of the process where we take the visual concept and we program your approved design as a coded, programmed website. At this stage we will be inserting your written content, images, videos, sound bites and linking all of the necessary website elements. The client may provide feedback for adjustments and then an approval for the mock up stage. Once the mock up is approved the site will be tested to ensure all components are working correctly.