Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing offers many unique ways to reach to your audience.  The use of social media by businesses and individuals continues to grow year after year.  Having a robust and engaging social media presence should be an essential aspect to your marketing plan.

As social media continues to become more popular, companies like Facebook and Twitter, continue to refine and change their platforms.  This is both good and bad for businesses.  It is good because in general there is a lot more specific information out there so you can do more targeted marketing that is efficient and cost effective.  On the other hand, their regulations keep changing and as a business owner it can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes.  Services that were once free now come with a price and there are new features added all of the time.  For many businesses it is best to consult or hire a marketing professional to keep up with all of the latest trends in social media marketing.

The goal of social media marketing, as with all marketing, should be geared to getting more people engaged with your brand, services and products.  It is a great platform to educate them on a daily basis in a non-intrusive way.  Posting on social media should be a balance between fun and entertaining content along with your specials and promotions.  It is also a great place to establish yourself as the expert and leader in your industry.

The social media platforms for your business should also act as your customer service team.  You want to be able to publically respond to people as their questions come up.  Being transparent and helpful to your customers on social media will help you build your brand loyalty.  As new potential customers and vendor do research on your company they will be able to see a history of engagement and solid customer service from a company that they would like to do business with as well.

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the vast options in social media marketing?  Do you simply not have the time or expertise to maximize your social media presence?  Our services of professional social media marketing can help drive traffic to your site and help build a loyal customer base.

72% of adult internet users use Facebook.
Pew Research Center, 2015
"In the past two years, content consumption on LinkedIn has increased 21%."
HubSpot, 2016


Post More Images! All social media platforms report more likes and shares with posts that have images.