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Local Business Marketing

Developing a Local Business Marketing Strategy

Our local business marketing platform is a niche product for a niche business model. Local Business Marketing is not to be confused with or identified with other more relevant marketing strategies and programs. Let’s explore great candidates for Local Business Marketing or often times referred to as Guerrilla Marketing (Grassroots pounding-the-pavement-to–generate-leads marketing tactics).

If your small business is hyper local in focus you are a great candidate for Guerrilla Marketing. What do we mean? Let’s say for example you own two hot dog vending carts or possibly a lunchtime food truck. Your business sets up and packs up all in the same day.  Your business stands to gain the best marketing benefit from a Local Business Marketing strategy. Semi-traditional forms of marketing do provide the best marketing benefit with your business model because your small business might not possess a business address or a physical brick and mortar storefront to satisfy say Google’s requirements. So, what will work well as a component of your local small business marketing plan? Great question! Some of the more popular Guerrilla Marketing tactics include, passing out flyers, designing great graphics for real estate signs, developing banners that you can place strategically around your trade area, passing out business cards with printed coupons to local business offices, wrapping your vehicle, creating loyalty punch cards with a giveaway, creating a Groupon, business promotional signage for your local business or storefront, and road signage. Local small business marketing really creates a great marketing footprint for your company when traditional methods such as radio, tv, or digital advertising really do not support your customer base within your niche market.

Most small businesses will benefit from traditional and digital forms of marketing. Often times small business owners confuse the appropriate marketing programs or chose the local business marketing program because this type of marketing strategy tends to cost less in the short term. A wrong choice or a bad assessment can cost your business sales, profitability, and possibly even the business as a long-term consequence. Ensure you have conducted a market study, competitor analysis, a customer demographic study, and have thoroughly identified if your local business can benefit from a strategic local business marketing program or Guerrilla Marketing campaign. Often times this type of marketing strategy is presented and executed as part of a larger and broader marketing program.

For more information or to identify if your company is a great candidate for a Guerrilla Marketing program, send us an email to schedule a consultation.