4 Reason Why You Should Have a Mobile Responsive Website

4 Reason Why You Should Have a Mobile Responsive Website

Having a mobile responsive website is becoming an essential need for every business.  More and more people are turning to their phones and tablets each day.  Whether it’s checking email, social media or the news, people are actually preferring the convenience of their phones.  If your website is not mobile responsive there is a good chance those people are just going to go to the next site.  Here are 4 reasons why you should have a mobile responsive website:

Mobile Responsive Website Increases Traffic

You will see an increase in traffic with a mobile responsive website.  In 2018, on average, just over 50% of all the web traffic in the world was on mobile devices.  If you do not have a mobile website you could be losing half of the traffic that is looking for your products and services.  Each year the trend for mobile is growing.  As cell phones become more and more sophisticated users are going to expect businesses to provide a mobile friendly experience.

Enhanced User Experience

People who come to your site will have a much better experience with a mobile friendly site.  No more pinching and pulling to read your content.  They will be able to click your phone number and automatically call you.  They can easily text and share your site with their friends and colleagues.  How often have you shared a site that is not mobile friendly from your phone?

Improves SEO rankings

Search engine sites such as Google will rank sites higher that are mobile friendly.  Mobile traffic is increasing each year.  Google especially wants to provide the best customer experience possible.  They will reward sites that offer a better mobile experience by ranking them above others that are not.

Builds Credibility

Having a good mobile responsive website helps to build credibility with new and existing customers.  It shows them that you care about them and want them to have a good experience with your company.  It also shows that you are current and up to date with the latest technology.  Depending on your business category this can go a long way towards gaining or losing a customer.